Welcome to 5M-Mike!
This is the official Wiki to keep you up to date with classroom happenings for the students in Mrs.Mike's class for the coming school year. I hope to provide a variety of resources in this format as well as communicate in our weekly newsletter from this location.

You will see to the left side the many tabs available for your use. Please feel free to contact me via school email should you have any questions or concerns about these resources. You can work with the wiki settings to notify you of updates, or I will email weekly to remind you to check the Wiki for important information about events here at school and in our classroom.

Mrs. Tracey Mike

The best way to reach me would be via school email at Tracey.Mike@wfbschools.com. This Wiki can also be used for communications, but please be aware that whatever you reply to on Wiki can be seen by all Wiki members. To reply to any page in this Wiki, please click on the discussion button at the top of the page and share your thoughts.